Design is a creative activity whose purpose is to establish a multi-faceted qualities of the objects, processes, services and systems throughout its life cycle. Thus, design is the central factor of innovative humanization of technologies and the crucial factor and the economic and cultural exchanges. (International Council of Industrial Design) "

More Stuff Yes! Draw, illustration, technical designs, projects, mockups and much more.

About the designer

Daniel Pedrosa, is an architect-designer with over 18 years of work experience in art direction and design in offline and online media.

Currently advises companies in the area of communication digital, with emphasis on creation for digital media.

Meets few large customers such as CNI - National Confederation of Industry, SESI, Senai and IEL, National Research Network RNP, Periodicos e CAPES.

Creative Process


Design adviser

Web & UI design

Creating multiplatform graphical interfaces for different mobile devices, moodbords, mockups, layouts, prototypes and e-books pageflips.

Logo & branding

The visual identity is designed with the intention of aligning the design of the brand with the business concept of the company logos stationery, signage, fleet, totems and visual identity for events.

Press & Advertise

Art direction focusing on communications directed to the sale of products and services, ads, flyers, stationery, brochures and various publications.

Mundo Senai

web design

The World Senai needed to update its website with the national campaign of 2013. Because it is a national event every 27 federations should replicate the design.

Thus following the briefing, I proposed an interface "clean" design for atualziar respecting its structure programmatically as well to reduce the risk that the replicas will be made and speed time to deployment.

What i have done

  • benchmark
  • art direction
  • webdesign

User Interface


The Senai needed graphical interface to electronic totems, which were distributed in an Internet cafe in the Olympiad of Knowledge, the largest event of technical education in Brazil. The challenge was to create an intuitive interface for people with little experience to use electronic devices to access the contents of the online bookstore of the Senai.

What i have doene:

  • branding
  • design
  • user experience

Vídeo WWF

Art direction

Shortlist Cannes Lions 2005 Shortlist Clio Awards 2006 Silver - MMonline 2006, Prata - Revista About 2006 GRAND PRIZE OF DIGITAL MEDIA OF THE YEAR - Columnist award - "Copiadora", at AGÊNCIA CLICK for WWF-Brasil / Preservation of Flora. - 2006.

Whatt i have done;

  • creation
  • Concept


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